June 22, 2005

Blogging from office.

So I wanted to get a laptop, since I will be working on my dissertation this coming academic year (and the following several). However, I certainly don't want to shell out precious cash for something I have to lug around -- that I only want for checking my email and writing papers. So I thought I would get a cheaper Dell desktop and have that in my office. I love the nicer Dell we have at home. Low and behold, my youngest brother and father gave me my father's old laptop. It's free, is only two or so years old (has XP, so that's good). Faner Hall is all wireless now, so my wireless card from Dell (which came today via the door-pounding and doorbell-ignoring DHL dude who is still nice in my book) allows me to sit here blogging from my moderately chilly office on the third floor of Faner. No more excuses to not come into the office like I should, since being away from the computer on a weekday makes me unnecessarily uncomfortable. This means, of course, more blogging about useless things and topics, like my newly-exercised online-ness (!) in my office. Yeah. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

good you should blog more

Pragmatik said...

I guess that's a compliment...so thanks:)

Nancy said...

Hi John,

Remember a long time ago you were asking what song I used for the little Quciktime sailing video that I posted, and I said I don't remember? Well, I just heard it today and thought of you. It's a group called Boozoo Bajou and the track is Night Over Manaus. I got it from a compilation CD called Black Coffee (Chapter 4) -- produced in Vienna, so I'm not sure how easy it would be for you to get ahold of it over there. The whole CD is good. Label: Ecco Chamber, Vienna.


Pragmatik said...

Kick ass! Thanks a million, Nancy:)