June 29, 2005

Gmail notifier.

If you've been waiting, like I have, for a Gmail notifier that works with Firefox and that does not require that annoying Google Toolbar, the wait is over. It's here! It works, so far as I've used it. Delicious, I know. If you're not using Firefox, you don't know what you're missing. It's not just some anti-Microsoft thing for me. I have nothing against Bill or Microsoft. I use Windows XP and don't really care for Macs that much (don't hurt me, Mac users!). The tabbed browsing is perfect for daily/hourly blog reading. I never use anything else for blogging. And it's not likely that the browser will crash while you're in the middle of a long post, either. That's always a good thing. Oh, and if you haven't tried Gmail yet, email me privately for an invitation. I've got at least 50 for the asking.

1 comment:

Stasyna said...

Yep. Firefox rocks.