June 08, 2005

Last chance for a while.

Okay, so we have a written (typed) set of rules, a list of people, and a date for the Blog Collective relaunch this coming Monday. Yeah, the one some people are wetting themselves over, with the excitement. Yeah. If you would like to take part, please get in touch with either myself or Chris -- if you have not already done so. Use the contact link here, not at BC. Don't fret. If you miss Monday, there's always later. But why wait to be a part of something that used to kick and will resume the kicking of ass? Why?


Pragmatik said...

Okay, several people have emailed me. They already have their invites. Hurry if you want one.

chris said...

Who are those two sexy men?

Pragmatik said...

Why, myself and my brother, Tom.