January 12, 2005

Tired and all IKEA-ed out.

That's my friend Zack and I, in a photo taken by myself about a month ago. You know, I'm the one in the tan jacket and darker beard and junk. That was post-finals and post-fourteen g-d hours in the car. Forgive the tired and puffy look on my part. Very tired now, too. Wah wah wah. Mini-insomnia this week. Diet next week. Sad good-byes. Even more sad sorry-we-didn't-get-togethers. Going home to Illinois in a few days. So many photos to post, once I get to my own computer at home. Etc. Mad IKEA goodies. Mad. Going out for food, though, soon. Good food. Good company. Etc. Stay tuned and all that.


Stasyna said...

That photo made me question my sexuality... RAWR.

Favourite quote: "You know, I'm the one in the tan and darker beard and junk." so humble and honest, haha, if only people were more like you.

Have a safe trip back to home. E.T. might phone after all.

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, man:)