January 24, 2005

New toys and working.

Apologies for the lack of posts. Stressful week and registration period and all that. Wah wah wah. I could have a 9-5 job, I know. Two new toys came today: new speakers and an optical mouse -- after we already bought the multi-media keyboard I wanted two months ago. Delicious. I love Dell, although those toys are on sale now that I have already gotten them. Figures. Oh, well. Other things are good and nice, now that my registration is taken care off. I'm doing lots of independent studies this semester: working on my ancient philosophy and some un-read recent Continental thinkers (ones I have not, but should have, read). I do work better on my own, really. With ADD, I suppose you have to work when you can and not during some arbitraty hours. Although I always attempt a routine, it seldom works very well or for very long. My brain seems wired to work when it wants to. On the bright side, I always say that I can get a day's work finished in a long morning or a short afternoon, since I usually only attempt to work when my brain is ready for it. When that there brain wants to work, it seldom really wants to stop, which is usually fine with me. Geez, I sound lazy. It's not that I don't like to work. I don't like to work and still get nothing done, so long as one agrees with me about there being a difference between working and getting things done. I have to prepare for my preliminary doctoral examinations or whatever there'll called. (The grad students and faculty in the department simply refer to them as the prelims.) I tell myself that I'm going to study and read and take notes in the office at the university each weekday. Or I'll tell myself that I'll get up and get right to work at home. Whatever. The truth is that I can't get anything done at all on some days. On others, I'll wake up and get work done all day and well into the night. Sometimes, I'll be productive solidly through business hours. But, maybe it's not my ADD. Maybe it's how everyone works best. Who knows? Enough belly-aching.

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