January 26, 2005

Microsoft and blogging.

In case some folks read their blogs from under some rocks somewhere, I thought I'd pass along some reviews/news regarding Microsoft's new blogging software, MSN Spaces. Everyone seems like they started talking about it and then forgot. Such is techno-culture, I suppose. Washington Post Guardian Unlimited MSNBC Of course, I have registered for the PRAGMATIK space already, just in case the real version is a thousand times better than the beta is. I have screwed up though, and I registered under my main email account (i.e., the one that is myfullname@msn.com). I'm not wild about that, in case I have some crazed Conservative or philosophy hater come after me. But whatever. It's not like it's that hard to find out who I really am anyway. It's not like it's a secret or like I'm a spy. Aside from the radically limiting nature of the MSN software, however, I may have found a reason not to make the switch anytime soon: "content moderation" -- the best way to say "censorship" I have heard in my life. But, then again, for all I know, Blogger might have the same thing in their terms of service, but I was too lazy to actually read them. But, then again (again), I can't really see the creators of the "Google Image Search" (more porn, faster) censoring the folks who use their blogging software, namely, Blogger. I don't actually exercise my particular brand of dirty language on my blog (and I sometimes make up for that behind the wheel), but it would be nice to know that I could if I wanted to. Geez. How much porn does Microsoft enable people to bring into their homes each day, via their PC revolutions? So long as it's not on the msn.com domain -- right.

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