January 09, 2005

Steve Zissou.

I finally saw the new Wes Anderson film: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. If you liked The Royal Tenenbaums, definitely go see it. If not, but if you like good films, go see it. If neither, save your $8. After all, the annoying teenager out with his girly-girl (I assume his mom drove them) sitting behind me complained, "This movie's so gay. It's so gay. I don't like this shit. It's so gay." Let's put aside the stupidity involved in calling something you don't like "gay" for now. Three-fourths of the way through the movie, the film caught fire. Yup, boil and bubble. I was worried that we would be issued free passes but would have to catch the rest of the movie at a later date. Luckily, the perplexed teeny-boy left -- despite his girlfriend's pleas that the movie was in fact not "gay" and that she really was enjoying it -- and took his annoying chatter with him. Even more luckily, not ten minutes went by before the flick resumed and finished without further melted film or that gross gurgling sound it makes. I suppose you could call the film a character study, much in the same way that The Royal Tenenbaums is a character study of Royal Tenenbaum and his family. But I suppose that could also be truly said about the rest of Anderson's movies. The music is great, comprised largely of David Bowie songs arranged for acoustic guitar and translated into Portuguese. The colors are...quirky. Despite its other-worldly setting, the film is very very Wes Anderson. And I mean that in a good way. I have somewhere to go, so I can't ramble about this film anymore. Go see it. And, as a reminder, don't waste money or time on that trite wannaba thriller The Village, which is about to come out on DVD. Instead, check out the trailer of Steve Zissou's adventure.


Anonymous said...

You have good taste in movies;)

Mark said...

Thanks for the post. Charles and I are planning to go see it maybe this weekend. Doesn't all the chattering get to you? A couple weeks ago some woman's cell phone went off and she started to talk even though the film was rolling. Since she was sitting directly behind me, I turned in my seat and just watched her. finally, she said "do you mind? I'm having a private conversation." I replied, "No you aren't. You are talking in the middle of a movie with 500 people in the audience." After she called me a choice name, she left.

Pragmatik said...

Damn, that's a hell of a lot of nerve on her part. People piss me off so much and so regularly with their cell phones that I hardly even use mine anymore. I used to love it, when I worked at a bookstore in college, to not really address people who were rude enough to come up the counter on their phones. I wouldn't even tell them how much their total was unless they asked first. Tee hee hee:)

Too bad you didn't have anything to throw at her;)

Stasyna said...

I admit, I'm one of those often annoying people who will yell out a random word during one of those transistional 'black' screens. My humour deserves some merit - It's random, yet predictable. Atleast it draws SOME attention, usually disgust and a few glances my section.

Anything Bowie-esque sounds (no pun intended) awesome to me! I'll probably catch a flick this weekend, I hope these spontaneous movie theatres (in my area) still have it playing. It seems like every other weekend the playlist is entirely different, quite annoying.