January 17, 2005

Return home.

Back in Illinois, now. Very very very cold, which is actually just as good news to me as a nice spring day now, considering how damned warm winter has been so far. The car barely started this morning at all. Poor thing. No matter how much you don't want to leave your family and friends at home, it's always good to get back to where you actually live, your own little space. My apartment is now sporting some nice new tables from IKEA and assorted other improvements, several of which are still in the works. It's cozy, and it smells good. And, after loading the entire car at the market, there are plenty of tasty things to eat around here. Great news for my diet, right? The exercise equipment is not set up yet, anyway. I can have some damned cookies with my coffee tonight. Yes, I can. Oh, that's my brother's ducky and his glasses, in Baltimore. Felt like it.


Sal said...

you want one of THESE ikea beauties:


Pragmatik said...

Some of those names are really nuts, but that's the best one yet! The sad thing is that such a red cart would look nice in my "home office"/spare bedroom/crap room/computer room/music room/etc.