January 25, 2005

Hours and hours.

As I was saying yesterday, ADD (ADHD, really) means you keep doing something for hours, once your brain gets hooked. I spent forever on that damned banner/header, because I was too distracted to look up how to do it and coded it by trial and error. Never code that way. Ever. We received a new gnome for Christmas from one of my parents' friends, which is a real treat, given how hard they are to find in the winter (unless you look on the internet -- which is no way to find a gnome). We already have one called "The Professor" so this little chap with the book is called "The Dean." Here he is deep in thought.


Neighbor Girl said...

I love it!! Do the gnomes travel with you?

Pragmatik said...

No, they stay here in Illinois; too many to take. I do, however, assemble them together (including the only outside gnome, Welcome Willy) in the center of the apartment whenever we make a trip anywhere for more than a day.
I don't want them to get lonely:)