August 21, 2004

Updates and crack.

My sincerest and severest apologies for the lack of updates lately. My trist in Baltimore has been much more busy than I thought it would be. No car wrecks this time, but there was a death in the family. Maybe I shouldn't jinx Maryland anymore. I visited my old Polish grandmother yesterday, where she lives in Canton: a very posh and expensive neighborhood near the water in Baltimore city. The real-estate there is so hot that folks call her weekly to see if she'll sell her house. My grandmother's fat little poodle has a thing for Burger King french fries, so we went there to get some, a little after the lunch-time rush. A dingy-looking chap comes in and approaches a slightly-less-dingy man who is sitting with a woman eating his lunch. The dingy character gives the man something wrapped in a Burger King receipt, and the man gives him a small vial of crack. Rather than putting it in his pocket, the dingy crack-head holds it up to look at it. He then grabs a cup from the trash can, fills it with soda and leaves, crack in hand, smiling (I guess smoking crack makes you thirsty). Weird. So much for one of the yuppies' (not Bobos') favorite "new" neighborhoods.

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