August 23, 2004

The Killers.

We bought a coffee-maker in Baltimore.* Low and behold, the damned thing didn't work. So we exchanged it tonight. As we pulled into the parking lot, the song I have had in my head lately came on, and I finally found out who performs it: The Killers. We picked up their album. It's...(get ready)....killer. Really, check out the samples on Amazon, and see what you think. "Somebody Told Me" is their current single. It's a good record. You heard it here first. *[We have not had a normal coffee-maker in two years, as our five French presses have reigned. For multiple morning cups, however, we need something that keeps the coffee hot. More on the new toy later.]

1 comment:

Paige said...

Annnnd the Killers are awesome. I saw their show here a month ago, it was great, well.. except when you only have one CD out, it makes for a short concert.