August 09, 2004

Happy Birthday, Walden.

Thoreau's Walden was published 150 years ago today. I really want to write more about it, but I have to leave at dawn for the 850 mile drive to Baltimore, Maryland. Besides, I ramble about Thoreau enough, ay? I'll be blogging from the happenin' East Coast from tomorrow, until the 21st or 22nd, when I will return to Southern Illinois for the start of the semester. Don't worry. I'll still post photos and such, and now, they may be of people, rather than objects found in my apartment or things outside.


TPB, Esq. said...

You know, I'm probably a bastard for pointing this out, but I always loved Ed Abbey's ("Desert Solitaire") take on Thoreau/Walden. Thoreau lived in a suburb of Boston, he pointed out, basically in Emerson's back yard. Compared to Muir's life in the Sierra Nevadas or Abbey's life in the Utah deserts (or Mowat's in the Arctic), Thoreau might as well have lived on Boylston Street.

Boo Boo said...

We had to read Walden for English class Junior year. That was one of the streangest yet most wonderful books I've ever read, although I don't think I would evver willingly live like he did.