August 05, 2004

Off for two weeks.

I can't remember the last time I really got drunk. I'm not a heavy drinker, and I go weeks without a single beer or wine or drink. When my friend Chris visited me in Southern Illinois in June, we poured some Sam Adams Spring Ale and went outside to throw around the frisby. The ale was flat, however, so we threw it out and went to the store to buy some Sam Adams Summer Ale. We came back and made coffee in the French press instead, and drank no ale. This is typical of my "drinking habits." I like coffee or tea better, ususally. I do, however, enjoy a nice, cold Sam Adams seasonal brew at the end of a paper sometimes. That said, I had one such frosty ale tonight to celebrate my research for the summer being over. It was beautiful to drink. I'm free now until August 23rd, one week before my birthday, when classes resume. Besides, I'm going to Baltimore next week, and I always drink a bit with my friends, my brothers, and my Dad. Cheers!

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