August 12, 2004

Blogging from Baltimore, part I.

The Mazda, full of the squished carcasses of hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny bugs and such, including these unfortunate invertebrates who found their way into the fog lights. I've driven almost two thousand miles this week so far. We had to take the Mazda to get something checked in Missouri on Monday. Then, we drove to Baltimore, Maryland Tuesday. We drove around Baltimore Wednesday. Today, we drove to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, a five-hundred mile round trip. I have a blister from the steering wheel. Really. Lucky for the nice paint on the Mazda, we drove through seven (really) severe storms on the way home from the mountains today. The damned thing is really power-washed now. Sadly, we saw a red Ford Focus wrapped around a telephone pole in the first storm. No one was hurt, but I know all too well what a Focus with a bent frame looks like. And that one is totaled, I'm sure of it.

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