August 02, 2004

Bass in your face.

I should really have saved these photos for September 2nd, since that is the day that I got my first bass guitar in 1994. Yup, I've been playing bass for nearly ten years now. I have a million stories about playing bass, the trouble it's gotten me into, how I met some of my best friends playing bass in various bands, and how I met my wife playing bass in a band called Binda in 1997. But those are good topics for later posts. I am just over-joyed that I played my bass today. (Yes, that's a Fender Precision Bass, buddy.) My downstairs neighbors moved out, and I remembered that I had not played my bass in a shamefully long time. My fingertips were starting to have feeling in the skin again! I have been playing my mandolin more frequently than my bass for the last two or three years, since I've been nomadically living in various apartments, and since the mandolin tends not to shake whatever building it is in. But it's not the same as the hugeness and understated solidity of a bass. If you've ever played a bass or depended on a bass-player to hold your band together (Ha!), then you know what I mean.

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silver spartan said...

Hi Pragmatik,
You have a grand sense of photography. The picture of the guitar is really eccentric. I am too starving to pull pictures of that sort. And while paving way for guitars and currently what you are listening to - Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out' is one of my favourites.