July 25, 2004

Later, TypePad.

I just cancelled my TypePad account.  I am waiting for my confirmation email, and then it's official.  I am no longer paying SixApart, Ltd. for a weblog.  Oh, well.  I'm still paying BlogHosts, but I like them.  I have a domain and a server and I might move this blog there one day, but that would just be for the fun of having my own domain.  I'll still use Blogger.  For now, though, I'm very happy here where everything is free and unlimited, on BlogSpot. I'm sure I'll mess around my template continually, as I am wont to do, however.  My buddy Dan says that the green hurts his eyes, and I think I might re-upload all of the photos via Hello (changing the code doesn't work because of the way it uploads) so that they show up larger before you click on them.  We'll see.  It's a rainy, crappy day, so I might have some time to mess around. I lead a very exciting life.

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