July 29, 2004

Bad news for short-sleepers.

While I sometimes have my own sleep problems, I usually devote at least seven -- sometimes eight -- hours a night to sleeping. While geared primarily toward women, this article offers valuable information on why we should get enough sleep. I often have a bit of trouble getting to sleep, and I can never go back to sleep if I wake up, nor can I take naps (a result of ADD, I suppose.) A bad night of sleep makes me lazier than usual, simply stupid and constantly hungry. The article explains why most of this is so. Geez, I thought I was the only one who gets insatiably hungry from not sleeping sometimes. Usually, though, I have enough sleep in my bank that I can stay up as late as I have to, even going so far as to skip a night's sleep or two. My favorite way to get from Boston to Baltimore for holidays was to take the train (I don't like to fly anymore). By far, my favorite train was the old diesel line that started at about 10 p.m. in Boston and arrived in Baltimore around dawn. Having enough sleep has always been the key to being able to burn through the night while travelling, camping, driving or -- in painfully rare cases -- working. Of course, I'm lucky that I've been a full-time university student since 1997 and that I have the luxury of a flexible schedule.

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