July 23, 2004

After the rain.

The balcony (really a raised deck not accessible from the ground) after the rain. Boy, we had some moderately violent storms last night. The subwoofer on our stereo had to compete with the frequent thunder last night as we watched The Bourne Identity, in preparation for going to the first showing of The Bourne Supremacy in Carbondale. That's right. I am taking off a day of research to go see a movie. I got a good bit finished this week, and I'm allowed to have a break today. Besides, the Mazda needs its first oil change today. The rain thoroughly soaked the wood outside. Even though it's already humid as hell, the wood is cool and smooth under my bare feet, almost polished from the pressure of heavy rain . Too bad the sun is making its way over the trees and will dry it out shortly. Oh, well. If the wood always felt that way, I wouldn't really notice, care or appreciate it, would it?

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