March 19, 2005

Photo Friday: Glow.

For Photo Friday: Glow. My friends Brian and Carrie at Tres Hombres in Carbondale, last week. This is late because Blogger has been acting up lately, as everyone who has had trouble leaving comments knows (thanks for the emails, ya'll). Blogger ate my post. But it's free and always awesome, so I won't complain. In fact, I want that new Blogger T-shirt. Oh, yes, I do.


Stasyna said...

I'm familiar with that effect.

If you want a really nice glow, take a picture of a luminouse object, perhaps an open bulb even. A really slow shutter speed is key, once you open the shutter, move the camera in a different direction (drag it to the right). Zooming out/in also works well, you need motion of some sort.

Also, a really slow shutter speed, and a big apature, and if you have it, throw in a flash. Take a picture of a stationary object, like a XXX movie theatre sign (the neon-esque glowing lights). it'll produce a 'fat light', like a thick band.

Really neat effects. Hope you try them, and have success.

-Photo Wannabe Expert OUT-

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, Peter:)