March 26, 2005

March madness.

Or rather, late March incoherence. My brain feels as blurry as this sunset photo from a few weeks ago, taken while driving. While I am sure that a lot of people start to feel that way from a lack of rest, I'm feeling that way from a lack of work. During this first week back from spring break, I have only gotten two days of work done. I was raised Roman Catholic with all of the famous Catholic-school guilt. So not getting enough work done also comes with the guilt of not making suitable progress in said work. Sometimes I feel like a bratty little schoolboy who feels bad for doing something other than the work he needs to get done. I have all but forgotten that it's Easter weekend. Tomorrow, we will have a quiet, rainy day of movies and homemade food with my mother-in-law, who is in town for a visit. My wife and I usually watch Chocolat, eat chocolate and get drunk on merlot on Easter Sunday. It's certainly not the celebration I grew up on, and I don't get new clothes for the occasion. But it suits me and reminds me that the new spring is more fun for me to celebrate than anything churchy. Maybe my patented Easter celebration of a film about a small [minded] Catholic town during Lent, candy and red wine is a minor way of holding onto my Catholic roots, despite my rejection of going into the seminary (long story) and practical abandonement of my faith. Maybe it's just an excuse to get drunk on a school night.

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