March 02, 2005

Black is my template.

In case you didn't notice, the template is just a wee bit darker now. My old banner looked like it should have had a psalm inserted into the photo or something. And I took the damned photo myself last year, at sunset over the national forest. This new banner looks fuzzy for some reason, but I don' t really feel like messing with it now. I've been sitting in the half-light of the computer for over four hours straight, doing various things. So my ass hurts, despite it's "tooted" shape, which my wife says is unusual for a white dude. As a side note, check out the latest REM release, Around the Sun. I really didn't care for Reveal (2001), but I liked this one a bit when it came out in the fall. I heard it twice tonight, and I think it's more on par with and in the vein of Up (1998), one of my favorites. At least download "The Outsiders" (featuring Q-Tip) and "Final Straw" from some online source, legit or otherwise. Or the whole album. Whatever works for you.


ahniwa said...

Hey John! Very nice.

Few blogs can pull off such dark colors, especially this time of year, but I'd say yours has managed to do it with a style and panache that other blogs will only hope to be able to match by the Fall.

Once again, you're blazing the trail for blog fashion. Aside from the striking colors, which match well, I particularly like the new headings on your side bars.


- Bava

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, Bava!

Lorianne said...

Okay, I gotta know...what the hell is a "tooted" ass-shape? (is that anything like a bubble-butt?)

sweet pea kate said...

You know... I've been thinkin... maybe you should submit some writings for

Stasyna said...

After hearing the "Dresden Dolls" were opening for NIN, which I'm getting tickets(hopefully) for, I've downloaded/borrowed EVERYTHING from them I could find.

It's labeled as PIANO/PUNK, which is... another one of those sub-genres that are just used because the music is so original. ANyways, all I can say is, I'm hooked. The music is like Jack Skellington wrote it or something, the singer's voice fluctuates almost randomly, and the melody is made up of a simple drum/piano mixture - quite interesting.

Pragmatik said...

Lorianne, the best I can describe a tooted butt is that it is firmly round and...pronounced. Not quite as bubbly as a bubble butt -- not so much large as distinct.

Pragmatik said...

Kate, I had thought about that very thing! Maybe for the next issue, if I can think of something coherent...?