February 17, 2006

Where did PRAGMATIK go?

I screwed up some stuff, and I had to clear the Wordpress database. Yeah, that means that I have to re-import, re-categorize and re-upload photos to all 400 plus posts. Yeah, I’m wondering if it’s worth it, since blogging has really become my narcissistic way of living with an audience. Not sure if that’s good for me, and so many people that actually know in real life (real life!) read it, that I find myself censoring myself to an increasing and alarming degree. Plus, it’s just become a very boring blog because I’m a grad student and — thus — lead a very boring life. I don’t write poetry anymore, and I pulled my bass out today for only what I think is maybe the tenth time since I moved to Illinois. I don’t read enough or write letters anymore or take enough photos.

I’m told I should still post photos. So I have Flickr. Maybe I’ll get a Flickr Pro account, etc.

Maybe I need a break of blogging or this blog. Maybe this break will be a weekend, maybe a week, maybe forever.

Maybe I won’t take a break at all.

Who knows? If you still read this crap, thank you.


Ahniwa said...

You are an excellent writer, sir, and I’d be sad to see your internet presence disperse. However, I understand the desire, and occasionally, the need to NOT keep a constant, self-involved-feeling log of one’s life.

But yes, definately pictures. Hopefully posts. Do what feels right. And what of PRevo?

Your friend,


Rachael said...

Oh no! Oh No! OH NO! I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ll warn you though- it’s worse than quitting smoking. I’m already back, still in the underground for now, but I couldn’t give it up.

Damn, I like your blog. Where else can I read about great writers, lame winters, philosophers, and poop all on the same page? I sincerely hope that you keep it up, but I understand your reasons for hiatusing if you choose to do so.

matt said...

i understand the sentiment as well. but on the other hand keeping some sort of mental record of the days events can’t be all bad. the great thing about the blogging community is that it isn’t just one person talking and an unseen audience admiring. it’s more like everyone talking while at the same time admiring and laughing and linking. or at least it should be.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, sir. As you know I took a long break from blogging because my head was in a similar place. Blogging can be intense and if not careful, you begin to feel defined by your blog, seeing your life always through blog eyes, etc. It's weird, and definitely narcissistic at times, but hey...it's cheap therapy if nothing else! An occassional hiatus to re-examine what's going on is a good thing, and ultimately it can come down to getting clear on what you want out of blogging regardless of any perception of readers or readership. Rest, then return...we who follow Prag. enjoy your views and thoughts.


Nancy said...

Nooooooooo!!!! Do not fade away. There's nothing out there.