February 07, 2006

Gnomish beard.

It seemed, at three this morning, that one of the gnomes on my desk looked like me, but with a whiter beard. And smaller, of course. It was like looking into a tiny mirror that made me appear as a two-inch desk ornament fifty years older than I am. Okay, so it wasn’t like a mirror. Funny though.


Bowman said...

I’ve made a new link to your site from my site. One day you are going to need to shave buddy and show that pretty face!!!!

By Bowman on 02.09.06 11:48 am

Saltation said...

i kill you! no man may show pictures of mohammed and live! this is not haram! you die!

By Saltation on 02.10.06 2:56 pm

Pragmatik said...

I am pretty prophetic, though. Portentous at the very least;)

By Pragmatik on 02.10.06 10:04 pm

Nancy said...

I think everybody should be covered with as much hair as possible. Oh, wait … it’s fur I like, not hair. There’s a difference, I guess.

By Nancy on 02.12.06 8:47 am