February 10, 2006

Photo Friday: Blur.

Dang, it’s hard to choose a blurry photo — ever-present caffeinated shaking makes so many blurry.


Saltation said...


i… i am an avid bike rider. and i am quite prepared to take the risk of riding in jeans, even though i am now missing chunks of knees as a direct result of that choice.

e.g. http://flickr.com/photos/saltation/sets/1814510/

but jesus– never, i mean NEVER ride without a good jacket and good gloves.

if you’re not happy to put the heel of your palm or your elbow on a belt sander, and then LEAN INTO IT, then you shouldn’t get on a bike without tough gloves and tough jacket.

good bike description here:

GOOD leather is NOT dainese (tissue paper) or alpine star or any of that rubbish. if you can’t afford kangaroo or horse skin, then aussie cow leather is next-best, or euro race leather. eg Hide-Out, Crowtree, BKS, MJK, and another one i’m forgetting right now. but the key is leather quality — in the states you _may_ be able to get aussie-quality leather from argentina, because the animals run the same way. and the difference is astounding. i distinctly remember being abused by the country’s best leather repair shop when i collected my aussie jacket — “this leather is the best we’ve ever SEEN and you’re treating it like CRAP — here’s how to look after it. and we MEAN IT!!!”
and then later seeing normal euro leather after it had hit the ground i saw what they meant.

By Saltation on 02.10.06 3:16 pm

Pragmatik said...

He had on gloves and one of those vest-thingies that’s supposed to protect your back. No jacket, though — Southern Illinois is miserable in the summer:(

Those photos at your Flickr are awesome! I really like the red and black combo.

There are photos of the dude in my photo and his biker friends here:

By Pragmatik on 02.10.06 9:59 pm