February 09, 2006

New blogs.

One of my favorite things to find on my favorite blogs is a group of links for my pleasure. But I feel like a nerd when I do it. For some reason. But screw it. I’m gonna do it anyway.

Flow to Bliss: Gary’s blog is back, with a new direction and gorgeous look. Inkmusings: Gary’s main blog is back. I’ve been looking forward to its return. Binky Boy: Fellow Carbondaley blogs his heart out.


Bowman said...

I like the new look and the drop down menus since it give the site a cleaner look. Well done my lad!!!!

By Bowman on 02.09.06 4:38 pm

Joy . said...

Elegant and spare layout.

Nice work!

By Joy on 02.09.06 5:06 pm

Pragmatik said...

Thanks! I just modified a template. I’m not through yet, though. I don’t like the look yet. I DO like the column width though:)

By Pragmatik on 02.09.06 10:55 pm