February 13, 2006


So New York got a record-breaking blizzard or some such. Baltimore City is buried. All we got were some some dustings. Like flirtations from the person you want for Valentine’s Day, only they are forced, half-assed, hardly there, and so you don’t even want them. After several grey days that didn’t give me any snow to take photos of or to construct dirty snowmen and snowwomen, I’m glad the sun’s out today. But I know, buried people with buried cars who can’t get to their hurried jobs will tell me that I don’t know what I’m asking for, that I’m better off. Like unhappily-joined people tell single people on Valentine’s Day, as if they really know other people’s hearts or as if everyone will fail to appreciate what they have like they have.


Alcarwen said...

I won’t spare your feelings; I’ll be brutally honest. It’s better being buried in Baltimore. There. I’ve said it.

I will, however, look a gift-horse in the mouth and lament that this couldn’t have happened during the week and therefore gotten me a snow day from work/school.

But it could be worse. I could be stuck w/o snow out there in the heartland like you;-)

By alcarwen on 02.13.06 10:51 am

Pragmatik said...

Truly, I’d rather be buried in Baltimore than here with 50 degree weather coming tomorrow:) Though, it will be nice for hiking on Valentine’s Day as I like to do.:)

By Pragmatik on 02.13.06 11:27 am

Rachael said...

Man, it was freakin awesome. I built a fort and then a bunch of mini forts for my outdoor colony of cats.

By Rachael on 02.13.06 7:43 pm