October 18, 2005

Letter B.

So, I think I have concluded that bloggers are some of the nicest people you are likely to meet. Either that, or especially nice people like to blog. Behold the bountifully bestowed bevy of beautiful chocolate and sugar that I received in the mail Friday from fellow blogger and Baltimorean Neighbor Girl! Damn, I say, damn. That's a lot of candy. Good candy. And yes. What you're wondering about: my pants do fit a little more snuggly since Friday. I'm cool with it. I'll ride my bike soon, promise.


Stasyna said...

I'm drooling, does that make me weak to temptation? :-P

neighbor girl said...

If you drop one of those Lindt truffles in the bottom of a full coffee cup it's a very nice addition to your afternoon cup of kick-in-the-pants! :)

Anonymous said...

m amd m's are the BEST

also slim jims

Pragmatik said...

Rach, I ate them all already:) The sun melted them just a little. Perfect.
You kick ass.