December 15, 2004

Laugh at this, or else.

Holy crap; this is too funny not to link to, at Sal's blog.


Sal said...

ah shucks, that was just nicked. personally, i thought this was a bit funnier/sarcasticker:
Now, THAT's using your pointy little head

Stasyna said...

It's quite disturbing actually..

Pragmatik said...

Disturbing? Nah:)

JLo said...

Actually, John, you found the shorten homosexual agenda. Myself a "homosexual," I have to say that list is grossly inadequate. this one is much clearer in spelling out the day of a typical "homosexual." Well, it's 10:32pm for me, and I'm late for cocktails. Enjoy! :-P

Crazy heteros and their crazy ideas.

Pragmatik said...

Holy crap; that one's funny! :P