December 23, 2004

Damned engine light.

I get in the car Monday when the wind-chill is below zero (F), and the "check engine" light is on. It doesn't go off, so I call the Mazda dealer. They say not to worry too much if it's not blinking, which it's not. I have a great trip to IKEA to do some shopping yesterday, and it still does not go off. I wake up so early today to take it in to the dealer that I'm not even showered, and the damned light goes off before I leave the driveway. Ain't dat a bitch? Oh, well. There was a safety recall that's being taken care of today anyway, one that's over a month over-due. To top it off, UPS has lost one of my packages; Red Envelope screwed up my order; and Amazon might go back on that guaranteed delivery promise. Damn it. Oh, well. It could be worse, right? It will probably work out.


Neighbor Girl said...

Shhhhhhh, it's a secret, but dealers program the check engine light to go off at certain intervals. With my car it's every 20,000 miles. There's a button under your hood somewhere that shuts it off, unless there's a legitimate problem- in which case it will refuse to shut off. My car philosophy is to ignore any lights unless there is a coordinating buzzer going off, and even then I've been known to turn up the radio in order to avoid hearing the scary car noises (perhaps this is why I'm in the shop every 3 months).

Pragmatik said...

HA! That's probably true!
Damned programmed obsolescence (spelled how?).