November 30, 2004

A sick return.

No posts? My wife and I have been taking turns being sick for the last week, and we just got back from Maryland yesterday (Ah, the fun of marriage). I've made that drive on one hour of sleep once, but I did it yesterday on no real sleep at all. It's extra fun in the rain and sick and after an hour's back-up in Indiana, too. Despite my affection for the concoction that is our car, I didn't want to look at that damned thing today. I was attempting to upload some photos from Gettysburg and other things, but Blogger and Hello are acting up. Only one made it. At least the dapper fall color scheme is gone. I was actually freezing in flip-flops today and am delighted to discover that the new Mazda has great heating. Toasty. Winter seems like it's trying to take hold of the Heartland. Fine with me. I don't usually get sick much these days, especially since going veggie. The only thing that gets me sick is consistently not getting enough rest. It never fails, and travelling makes it worse. I suspect that not eating meat has little to do with my improved immune system; it is probably that not eating meat encourages one to eat more thoughtfully and that my nutritional intake has improved as a result of what I do eat, not what I don't. Or something like that. I cranked out the rest of a Husserl (AH!) draft this morning at 7 a.m. -- too damned tired to toy with those photos tonight.


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