November 11, 2004

DSL is rad.

DSL is very nice to have. Yes. It is. Really. This photo was uploaded with exceptional speed. Isn't that nice? Those are my feet on the Ohio River in Paducah, Kentucky. Pardner. Have to get up early and drive to St. Louis tomorrow, which is actually a fun drive through farm country. I have two CDs of good road music to keep me company.


JLo said...

Hey John - thanks for the comment. I can't always promise not to be biased, but mostly I like to give people the information to make their own decision. Cool feet, btw. :-P

Pragmatik said...

Ah, I should be the last person to accuse someone of being baised:) It's not like anyone can really help it, though. I think the factors behind our biases (temperament, up-bringing, etc.) are often beyond our control anyway.