May 22, 2004

Oh, my, a moonroof?

We are getting a new Focus. It is on a truck, bound for a dealship in New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia, PA. Then, they'll drive it down here to Baltimore. It is a "pitch black" ZX3 SES with everything, even heated seats (which I don't really want). However, it has the automatic transmission that my wife wants (even though she can't drive at all -- no license -- and that it is an $800 option) and the power moonroof that I wanted on the one we bought last summer. We're kicking around names. I like Orestes -- revenge for the fallen father and all that. My wife likes The Raven, since I'm from Baltimore and since I'm a Poe fan. I think that's way too...goth for me. The other car which we referred to as "The Focus" was sorta-sometimes called The Boat, since it was small. I thought that was funny.

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