May 08, 2004

Baltimore, here I come.

Washington Monument, Baltimore City, January 2004, very slow shutter speed. Thanks to Typepad's delayed posting, this will be published before dawn on Saturday (tomorrow) morning, right when we are leaving for the 12-14 hour drive to Baltimore, Maryland. We drive through southern Illinois, southern Indiana, all of the way through Kentucky and West Virginia, through the Continental Divide, through western Maryland, and all of the way to the Chesapeak Bay. It's a gorgeous trip. In all, the trip is about a third of the way across the continent. I only stop for gas and bathroom breaks, and I do all of the driving. The poor Focus will have to survive an 850 mile drive in mid-80-ish temperatures, with the air conditioning on. He gets his revenge, though. He kills thousands of tiny bugs and then carries what's left of them to where we are going as tiny, sticky trophies. Sick sangria red metallic bastard.

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