April 10, 2004

A gnomish wedding.

Bling the gnome was married today, to the beautiful Blingaling. The two met in the back hatch of the Focus, and the love was immediately felt by all in the small car. There was some small thumping around the hatch, and the two clay flower pots I picked up today were cracked. Bling's beard was going this way and that, and Ms. Blingaling wouldn't look me in the eye. It didn't take a wizard to figure out what these woodland deities were doing in the trunk of my car while I drove home from Target. I insisted that Bling step up to marry Ms. Blingaling, and the ceremony was held in the backseat. Industrious David was at the ceremony, but we are having trouble finding him presently. He was last seen getting hammered on Sam Adams Spring Ale with a satyr, and the two were getting a little too pushy in pursuing two faeries to accompany the duo for some more sylvan frolicking. I told them to take a hike (literally, in the woods) and to come back sobered up and ready to congratulate the new couple. Unfortunately, the two have yet to return, and the loving couple has already left for their honeymoon at the Fern Rocks Nature Preserve down in Giant City State Park in the National Forest. Some members of the party think that David has a problem and that the satyr only gets him into trouble. The women-folk think he's jealous that Bling has gotten hitched and left him behind. I know that he just misses his friend. That's all.

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