March 03, 2004

The MVBs.

Most Valuable Bloggers. This first post is really an acknowledgement of the three bloggers who made me want to blog in the first place (in alphabetical, rather than preferential, order): Armand from Moleskinerie Dave from the Carbondaley Dispatch Nicola from Vanilla Sky These are blogs that I like for different reasons. Armand brings together some of the best writing and Moleskine-related content on the web. Dave taught me all about life in Carbondale months before I ever even moved here. Nicola records her life in a way that makes it inexplicably wonderous and captivating. I am certain that this blog with do none of the above, or, at least, none of it so well as the MVBs. This blog will be my blog apart from Blog Collective, since my relaxed schedule allows me more time for blogging (and such) than my comrades. I have been monopolizing the blog over there for far too long.

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