March 07, 2004

Hipsters we be...?

Longbranch Coffee House, Carbondale. Saturday night. My officemate at the university jokes about me being a hipster. I sport my Fossil watch, Moleskines, gel pens, Timbuk2 bag (tossed aside in November for a Jansport), titanium glasses, Tevas, Nalgene bottle, five-door Focus, black Dell computer, a blog, digital camera, mobile phone, multiple French presses, etc., etc., etc. Of course, she is being facetious as she fills her fountain pen and then continues to type on her ibook. But are we Moleskinies bound to hipster-dom? Will we still write in these little black books in five years? Will interest in them wane enough in five years that they go out of production at that point -- again? I doubt it. Aside from the history and cool factor, these books are entirely pragmatik. I have dropped several, thrown one, spilled coffee on one, yelled at three or four and wished bad things to happen to one with bad things in it. And they all still survive. They keep my paper-ideas, poems, plans (I am "hip" enough to carry the planner, too) and secrets all to themselves, and my Moleskines still have whatever I need ready for me. So, even if the market for them goes away, mine will still survive, along with everything in them -- especially because Pilot's gel ink is archive-friendly. (Long live the hipsters!)

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