March 22, 2004

A digital René Magritte.

Nicola posted a response to my request for more of her very cool mirror photos with a post containing links to her photos at The Mirror Project. You should really check them out. They seem to me like digital Ren� Magritte paintings -- only the artist's visage is obfuscated by a camera this time, rather than the ubiquitous green apple. I like them very much.


Anonymous said...


Hello! I thought I'd post a comment about your post about your question about my post!! (Sorry, couldn't resist all that posting!).

I love the Magritte idea - I'd never thought about the mirror photos like that. Could be some interesting photos coming up!

Have you seen the Pierce Brosnan version of "The Thomas Crown Affair"? There are some great sequences involving the Magritte picture.

I've enjoyed reading the bits about your brothers.

Thanks for the link!

Pragmatik said...
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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to the Mirror Project! Love the images and it's given me a whole new idea for another project I am working on.