December 14, 2005

Leaving on a wet train.

Make a song out of that! We're out of here in a few hours for a 3:16 a.m. train to Chicago. A little layover to kick around The Windy City and then a train from Chicago tomorrow that gets into Washington, DC Friday around noonish. Then a MARC train to Penn Station in Baltimore City. Home. Yeah, it would seem like this is more complicated than getting into the car and just driving, but no. It's not. I get to sit and read and write and listen to music. That's awesome. I don't have to psyche myself up to being a driving machine all night or all day or at all. Don't have to worry about the fact that I'm tired -- probably won't even try to sleep tonight. This kind of travel makes me excited, not stressed out. Trains are the slowest way to travel from here to Baltimore, and the most expensive. But totally worth it. Totally. See ya'll this weekend.


Alcarwen said...

happy travels to you:) I'll wave in the general direction of Union Station around noon as you two pass through!

Pragmatik said...

Thank you! I'll check out a map of DC so I can tell which direction to wave back:)

Bowman said...

Good Luck with journey back to B-More. I'll see you Friday, sucka!

Anonymous said...

have u ever heard of a flying machine????

neighbor girl said...

I am so jealous. I'd love to have umpteen uninterrupted hours to read, write, and listen to tunes this time of year. Have a bitchin' trip!

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, Bowman and N.G.!

No, Anonymous, I've never heard of a flying machine. With all these comments you leave, I have to ask:

have u ever heard of the SHIFT key???

Just joshing you.

I don't like to fly.

Bowman said...

john wrote:
"have u ever heard of the SHIFT key???"


Pragmatik said...

No offense, Anon, but after comments like "gas prices have gone down you fool!!!!!" you had it coming.

Reveal yourself!