December 06, 2005

First bike photo.

My good buddy and bike champion Brian has been urging me to post some photos of my bike, especially since he's posted some of his wheels. There's always an excuse on my part. It's too dirty -- I'll do it after the tune-up at the bikeshop. It's raining -- I'll do it tomorrow when the sun's out. I'm too lazy -- no solution for that one. Well, here's one of the warning on the brakes. I'm not sure why it's there, since you can't exactly read it while you're riding. I guess the brakes are...complicated or something like that. I sure never mess with them and let the nice guys at the bikeshop (and I mean nice like I will hug them when we move because they rock) who know what they are doing adjust them. I know, I should take this stupid little sticker off, but I like it. Makes me feel dangerous.


Stasyna said...

Man, you sure do like your 'toys'. From cameras to moleskins.

Thankgod Canada doesn't have the IRS, I'd be hunted down if I spent like you.

By the way, comment moderation rocks, no more spam crapola.

Pragmatik said...

I don't think I spend too much. I just trade some expenses for others. Instead of the combined expenses of $600 a month for a car (not to mention the mental and health costs), I opted to spent a one-time $500 at the bike shop on a bike, helmet, rack, etc. I don't spend money on a lot of things people I know spend money on, so I have cash for my moleskine, pencil and space pen habits;)

Being a grad student, I don't have mounds of cash to spend, so I spend it on what I enjoy:)

Comment moderation is my new lover. I wrote two mushy poems about it last week:^)

Ron said...

Raggin on someone's spending is rude as hell, not to mention when it's about someone who got rid of their car voluntarily.

Pragmatik said...

Dude, I don't think that was his intention.