November 04, 2005

Photo Friday: Warmth.

For Photo Friday: Warmth. I know, it seems like there's nothing warm about this photo. But there is! It's from last holiday season when I was visiting my parents in Maryland. This is the back roof from where the second floor does not extend as far as the second on their house. They live on a hill in Hampden, which is already on a hill, and you can see all the way to the Key Bridge and Harbor from there. If you look West, the direction the photo is facing, you can see the sunset. One of my brothers and I used to go out there when we were teenagers and when my parents weren't home to play bass and guitar for the whole neighborhood. I distinctly remember cranking out a decent version of Bush's "Everything Zen" one time and getting compliments from the drumming low-life who mooched off his girlfriend and "lived" up the street. I used to go out there to smoke and to think when I was 15-19. The first time I inhaled the cigarette properly, i.e., made myself sick from the sudden rush of nicotine, was on that roof. I used to write bad teenage poetry there by the fading l ight of the sunset, since it was too high for street lights to reach. Whenever I am in Baltimore for a visit, I like to look out that window at dusk and remember. Because while I thought I was going through the worst time of my life back then, I can see now that I was lucky and that everything is probably downhill from there. I just wish I appreciated it more when I was sixteen.


Sarah said...

I've pretty much been stalking your blog for over a year now, so I suppose I should comment. As I read your lament for those days I started thinking about my own- It seems like everyone did that- bad poetry- smoking outside while your parents were gone- positive you weren't going to make it to graduation- or maybe it's just the philosophers- seems like they are the only people I know anymore anyway-

Bowman said...

Nice shot! You've always had an artistic eye. The last time I was down at your parent's place, your mom was showing me all your art work and your scheme about [Poop].

Isn't ironic during the times of growing up, life seems hard or blind to us, then later in life a reflection come over us and you wouldn't want change it for the world because it made you who you really are!

Alcarwen said...

great shot... i think everyone has a place like that.. a little refuge from the pain-in-the-ass that is growing up sometimes.