November 21, 2005

Baltimore beats the Dale (sorry, little dudes).

Yeah, so I'm tired of convincing myself that I don't wish I were back in Baltimore, especially since I'm here now. It's nice to feel welcome and that people are happy that one might be back next year. Very nice. So I'll take some photos. And post them here. And all will love them. And etc. It's a good program! I don't feel welcome in Carbondale. I said it. I'm sick of people staring at me because it's fall and I don't have any camouflage on and that my wife is not some over-fed white lady with big hair. Yes, I wear sweaters and sandals. Yes, I shave like once a week or less. Yes, I'm "not from around here." Yes, I read for fun. Yes, I think you're funny-looking, too. There, I'm staring back via the net.


Tanya-J said...

Alright, Johnny G! Not everyone in the 'Dale looks at you like you're crazy. And some might be checking the wife out because she's hot. ;)

Still, glad you had a good time at home!

Pragmatik said...

Okay, Lady J, I think you might be right about that:)