October 05, 2004

Dear Undergrads, Re: Majors.

With the exception of what grad programs are looking for (i.e., if you are looking at physics MS programs and majored in theatre, you're probably out of luck), one's choice of major means very little in real life, according to this article. And Hugh Hefner majored in philosophy. Am I in good or bad company, then?


Paige said...

I dont know... all the examples are old, like I think the job market is so much more different and looking for different education than even 5-10 years ago.

Pragmatik said...

That's true. They are old examples. Further, now more and more companies are looking for more and more education. But a lot of sources say that they've gotten less picky about majors, int he search for folks with a BA or MA who are willing to work in a cubicle.