February 08, 2004

The post with the most.

Ah, a new blog. What will this be for? Thoughts and plans are in the Moleskine. Or hermetically sealed in my grey matter. Philosophy notes are in my philosophy notebooks. The FBI and CIA files on me are not mine to write. What then will someone like me use a Blog for? Everyone has a drawer where they put things they don't want to deal with. Things that are not interesting enough to pay attention to. Things they want to forget. Things they are ashamed to have as parts of their lives. Things that are so amazing that their owners believe them to be undeserved or too good to be true. Boring things, bad things, terrible things, wonderful things. That's what I will put here. When I die, and my journals and letters are published (?!), this will escape the clutches of the PhD students who want to write dissertations on my immense ideas and philosophies, the critics who want to destroy them, and the vandals who want to steal them. Like everything else, this will fail to be the complete, comprehensive and authoritative me. It will be a fraction and a parcel of the individual I will become. Have been. And am. What you get is the dirty me, the un-academic me, the me who is unfit for the Academy. The one you want to read about.